Not the update they deserve, but the one they need right now

That's right Boogalooers, it's update time.

It's been a long time coming, after mixups and fixups, trials and triumphs, it's finally time to restart the rollercoaster and get your boogaloo back into gear. This update brings with it a whole swag of content, as well as an audial overhaul that will make your head spin. Not only new and updated maps, but new music and sounds and a slew of balances and bugfixes. We also have an official world tournament coming up and we're launching a Patreon page for our most dedicated specialists to support and get involved in the development of Double Action.

Read on for the full debreif...



By Hellu

Office scene: downtown. You arrive to find the ground floor alive with gunfire. Glass shatters as a burly man clad in a biker jacket erupts from the second floor balcony - doves flapping in slow motion. He spins mid-flight and levels his akimbo sentinels at his antagonist before unloading a barrage of lead into the heavy night air. It's impossible to tell who's who in this heady haze of explosions and gunsmoke, but that's fine when your target is 'anything that moves'.

Da_Official is a map by Hellu, whom you may have met in the servers from time to time. Hellu graces our map lineup with this electrifying environment in which to flip dive and slide. Replete with shattering glass and smacking of ass, Da_Official is your next action movie arena.


Updated by Stormy

The stark midday sun burns down on an abandoned church in the foothills of the Argentinean Calchilles. A stonebrick wall explodes sending debris and dust into the air. Through the flames dives a well groomed man in a beige dinner jacket - fire spewing from his black MP5. He lands with a slide drawn out by momentum before coming to rest in the dust, and levels his sights at you. There's more than regular worship happening in this sandy desert temple, and I'm willing to bet that it involves lots and lots of shooting.

Da_Sacred has been given a fresh lick of paint. As one of the stalwart Double Action maps since it's inception, it has seen many revisions. With a freshly excavated undercroft and fully restored brickwork, It's time to get down to church and pay the lord his due.


Updated by Stormy

Day scene, train station lit by sun. The neon colours of ad posters clash with the harsh fluorescent bulbs. Suddenly it goes quiet. Everyone has cleared out... then boom an explosion rips through the misplaced silence and time slows to a crawl. Hot lead whizzes slowly through the air where your head just was as you dive hard to one side and reply with a volley of your own. It's training day so remember: the trains always run on time.

Da_Trainingday got a sneaky update earlier this year, and after some final tweaks, it is ready for your consumption. A long term favourite with long range players, the map has been balanced for some CQC with new movement options, new pathways and a visual overhaul. Perhaps you should take the train today.


Sound Foley

New by Rez

This update brings a whole bunch of new sounds from Tom 'Rezonance' Wright. Almost every one of the weapons is sporting a new bang. The Persuader clicks and kicks, the Undertaker rattles off shots and the Black Magic clunks out rounds.

There is also new sounds for dives and slides, as well as an all new pulse sound for slow mo activation. Mini-objectives have a stylish electric guitar pluck and much more!

Rez is a source mod sound goliath with a track record that includes No More Room In Hell, Fistful of Frags and Mist of Stagnation. His skilled additions to Double Action make this update feel truly new and refreshed. Action? Sounds good.


Akimbo Bob

New by Rez

With classy bass undertones and classic brass overtures, Tom 'Rezonance' Wright brings us Double Action's first medley of maniacal magnificence in the form of our title track: Akimbo Bob.

Rez shows his professional prowess as the composer, writer, performer, recorder and producer on this truly awesome track designed to channel the spirit of the boogaloo in through your ears, down your spine and out of your akimbo Stallion M1911's.

Check out for more noisy gaming goodness.


New by Sound Mind Studios

That's right! Not one, but TWO brand new tracks to scintillate and satisfy. Hostile mirrors the essence of Double Action - starting with a big brass explosion and continuing with a funky freestyle freakout.

Sound Mind Studios blend their eclectic skills and talents to produce this cacophonic concoction of creative composition for your listening pleasure. Tap your feets and hit the streets with this saxaphone swing setting the mood for your next big band boogaloo.

You can find much more of Sound Mind Studios' work on their Soundcloud.


Double Action: World Tournament 2016

Organised by T|H|E clan

So you think you're good with a gun and quick on the slowmo? Well there's plenty of people out there with skillz that thrillz and get those killz, and it's time to get your gat into gear for the tournament this year.

Through Human Eyes (T|H|E) have organised this years boogaloo beat up, to be held this month! Gear up and get ready to test your mettle against the greatest boogalooers that ever boogalooed, and snatch yourself a nice little prize in the process.

For more details on the tourney and to sign up, visit our Tournament Thread.

Support Double Action!

Via Patreon

Double Action is a free game made by a group of friends in our spare time. By popular demand, and in order to fund the continued development of Double Action, we have set up a Patreon for punters to support the cause.

Patreon supporters get a special say in what is added to Double Action. They also enjoy exclusive early access to assets and development builds as well as source files and educational content on how to make your own assets!

Help keep the brollercoaster coasting and the coffee pot a-roasting by pledging to our Patreon and propel the Boogaloo to new levels of awesome!

I know you're going to ask the question: Is this the name change? Is this Doves of Fury? Well... no it's not. Doves of fury is still a while away. Double Action is currently programmer-less, and all of the really big changes in Doves of Fury need the deft touch of a programmers hands to massage away the bumps and lumps. Incidentally, we are also looking for a programmer! If you are (or if you know) a programmer with source engine experience, please check this thread and get in touch! We are also looking for mappers and modellers from expert to beginner to help acheive a greater boogaloo. Check this thread for more.

Finally, it's not an update without balances and bugfixes. Here's what changed:

And probably some other stuff too - it's been a while.

Bottom line is, Double Action is back in the arena. With new maps and content already in the pipeline, we've got more glorious gaming goodness to come. Double Action wasn't dead, it was just pulling a Commissioner Gordon.

Now get in there, and shake some tail