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Postby Sif » Sun Jul 17, 2011 2:43 am

Truthfully I think fu sucked a big dick because it became the center of the game because Morfeo had an aneurysm. I played TS because it was originally centered around awesome guns. Then it became a shitstorm, though I must admit I loved the Contender purely based on the principle it required actual skill to work.
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Postby TOGSolid » Sun Jul 17, 2011 8:46 am

misanq wrote:As far as I'm concerned, there isn't a 'thing' here other than a person who can't have a disagreement of opinion without taking it personally and losing his temper.

If you want to have a discussion, then being a drama queen and exaggerating things is the wrong way to do it because it's only going to do one thing:

Piss me the fuck off.

As I just now demonstrated in two other threads I am actually quite eager to engage in real discussion about this game even with you, but if you try that internet theatrics shit on me then yeah, it's gonna make me super fucking mad and when I lose my temper, all sense of reason and logic go out the fucking window. I'm tired of all the faggy internet trolling games. If you wanna have a running logical discussion, then let's do this. Vino can tell you first hand that I actually really enjoy talking about game balance and creating game systems. However, if you just want to write up retarded posts where you try and "have a discussion" via gross exaggerations and logical fallacies then you can go ram a pole up your ass.

What I was more concerned about is that your rough ideas made pistols overpowered and discouraged the other weapon categories from using stunts, which to me is a problem, since stunts are what stands between this game and the generic shooter bin.
As I said in that very post it was a rough idea and am eager to try and hammer it out into something better. My whole goal in mind is to split the three classes of guns into having distinct roles instead of having all of them be "el oh el, dive into someone's face and get points" guns which plagued TS and want to avoid the problem of rifles, even when having a million disadvantages stacked on top of them, still kinda rape everything due to the combination of a high ROF and high damage.
Which actually, now that I just said that, just gave me the brilliant idea of not using standard rifles. Obviously, the biggest problem is the combination of high damage and high ROF. So, what if we used low ROF rifles? We could use semi-auto battle rifles, or lever actions (which would be baaaallllllleeeeeerrrrrrrrr) instead of the usual boring crap of m4/AK. The guns could do high damage and be fantastic long range guns, but could get torn up in close range due to the ROF issues. They wouldn't be full on sniper rifles though cause there would still be a level of mobility with them and they wouldn't be getting one hit kills.
Anyhoo, I absolutely welcome further discussion about this because we all know damn fucking well that high recoil does NOT balance out high damage automatics. Why some people are insisting on it, I have no idea, but they are dead fucking wrong.
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Postby Vino » Sun Jul 17, 2011 9:20 am

You guys are being retarded.
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