What happened?

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What happened?

Postby armedpoop » Wed Dec 02, 2015 12:31 pm

Where did development for this game go? What happened???? This was and is a really good game. So sad to see that the game never even got its name change yet :(

Edit: been digging around the steam forums and found some possible patch notes from Sep 17 2015 from stormy

We're working on a competitive tournament to be held after we get the next update out the door. It's in the early 'might be a good idea' stages. Other than that the next update currently holds:

New weapon, 'The Plan D' - a 2 shot derringer that is usually a one hit kill but only has two rounds in the mag.
New particle effect that fires when a players style skill is activated
Vindicator nerfs
Nade balances
New menu sounds
New weapon sounds
New mini-objective sounds
Updated Da_Trainingday
Updated Da_Sacred
New map Da_Official

... and some other stuff.
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Re: What happened?

Postby Vino » Wed Dec 02, 2015 10:00 pm

What happened: I started at UCLA. Before I was at a community college and I had plenty of time on the weekends. Now I barely have time to eat. But I'm graduating soon (today was my second to last day of school woo!) and so I'll have more time coming up. Whether I spend it on Double Action remains to be seen. In the meantime, Stormy and Dementei have been helping with Killing, My Friend so even if I get back to DA I may not have artists to collaborate with. But still, I would like to see Doves of Fury be a thing. I'll have an income when I leave college so I may find and pay another programmer to do it.

Stormy put some time into making an update, but he ran into some problems in different areas so I suppose the current status of that update is "on hold".

All of this is up in the air and remains to be seen, so sorry about all the delays. I wish I could do better by you guys, but life happens and shit.
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We'll see
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