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Postby Black_Stormy » Sat Mar 07, 2015 1:52 am

I managed to have a play of this one tonight but there's no WIP thread for it anywhere so I'm making a new one to leave feedback.

Da_Nightcall is a map that Zastels has been working on. It's a modern decor mansion with some cool night-time lighting. The alpha 02 is up on Wizards server.


So here's what I think about it.

What works
The most enjoyable gun battles I had were in the main entrance area, the pic above. It's nice and open and the awning makes a good spot for hiding from rooftop campers. There's also a lot of ways to escape the area - the garage, the garden and the kitchen windows for instance. It's a major hotspot and plenty of fun.

The island in the kitchen (floating BSP) is a great spot to slide under, but the doorways don't really line up. I found myself sliding under the table and then hitting the wall, a foot away from the doorway. You should line it up so if a player successfully slides under the table they are rewarded with a quick getaway.

What doesn't work
Some of the spawn points were facing walls. Change that, but also try to place spawn points so the player gets into the flow of the map as soon as they spawn. I wrote a thing about that. Also there is some wierd behaviour in the pool, which wouldn't be too bad but there are no stairs so it's hard to get out. Swimming isn't handled by our player movement code so I guess you are doing some fancy brush entity stuff there?

What could work
I feel like the map needs another hotspot, like the main entrance area, and I feel like the pool is in the perfect spot for it. It's on the opposite side of the map, diagonal to the main structure, so you could probably cut it out of vis fairly easily - it's a good idea to keep the main playing areas on absolutely seperate visleafs for performance.

You could also create another main hotspot area inside the house. At the moment the interior is very spacious, but cut up into a lot of little rooms with high ceilings. I think a large area in the middle of the house would provide another good hotspot. Maybe a massive firepit or something. Ideally you would have some rooms around the outskirts to cut vis from the outside areas.

The map is looking very nice and playing quite well, the above is just food for thought. I am seeing some areas with a nice start on detail - the pavers making a path around the side of the house for instance. That's the kind of stuff you can make into models and really get some good detail out of. I like the start on the skybox above the lake, and the night time lighting is working well in offsetting the plain white walls, which is a problem I have been having in highwire.
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Re: Da_Nightcall

Postby tigerstyle » Fri Mar 20, 2015 8:12 am

Wow, This one Best Maps I Have Seen< Even Unfinished, The Layout Is Killer , and The Textures Look Real Nice, I would Love to see this Map Finished, is there plans to finish this badboy , would you guys mind if I Took On The Bsp With finished Version of This Map.
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Re: Da_Nightcall

Postby teddy_b » Wed Apr 15, 2015 6:52 am

Great! I really love it :)
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