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Many suggestions

Postby soothsayer » Sat Jul 18, 2015 10:45 pm

When i first read about about DAB I was more than excited. I played the specialists for thousands of hours when it first came out right up until the update after 2.1. Knowing this was in the flavor of one of my favorite games of all time I was expecting some great things based off and carried to a new level of the original, with that said this game falls short in so many ways.

First a huge thing to me is the fact that someone can use the vindicator or persuader and have the same movement speed and stunt ability that i have using akimbo handguns. This was a huge factor in the original and discouraged usage of the heavier weapons unless you were prepared for the drawbacks. The original had plenty of barrett snipers but they were very easy targets as they could barely walk. This system of speed and stunt ability was based on how many of the avail weapon slots you used. People in DAB commonly run a rifle with a sidearm and he grenade which would render them barely walking again in the original. This was a huge factor in the games weapon equaling factor. Also to go along with the stunts you couldn't do if overloaded was a running front or back flip. These were awesome and invaluable.

Playing DAB I find myself automatically jumping when I am next to another player as the original this was a round house that disarmed the weapons of the other player. It didn't always work if the weapon was heavy but for the most part it did. Once disarmed it was an easy kill. Sometimes you could disarm someone and kill them with their own weapon. Cool feature that kept you on your toes about people getting close to you.

For the most part these are my biggest gripes, although currently brawl is way to overpowered. I can take 10 bullets a few to the head but can only be punched 2 times and im dead??? hmmm makes sense huh? I wish for more weapon selection as well as I am quickly becoming bored with what is available now.

I am not trying to be to hard on the DEVS as just the thought of a Specialists remake still makes me smile, but some of the best parts of the original gameplay were left out. The maps that are recreats look good and play well. I do miss the lower section of the rooftops map though with the elevator and the columns. That was a death zone of pure fun.
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Re: Many suggestions

Postby Black_Stormy » Mon Jul 20, 2015 2:29 am

Hey thanks for the feedback! We're not remaking TS, rather making another game in the genre it created, so yeah there are some large discrepancies between the two games that we're not too fussed about reconciling.

The rifles are OP and I want to nerf them somehow meaningful- movement and mobility may be a good way to balance them out, but we don't want to limit the diving in DA. Maybe a slightly shorter dive or a slower slide for rifle-weilding players. Loadouts haven't really been a consideration thus far - there is a weight system but it is largely used to limit the amount of weapons you can carry, not how fast you can move. Might be a good consideration for balance though.

We haven't really done anything about a roundhouse kick, that's firmly TS glory territory and I'm not sure I feel comfortable poking that wasps nest...

Brawl is OP, yes

The lower section of rooftops is still in existence, you just gotta get in there ;)

Keep playing and keep up with the feedback!
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Re: Many suggestions

Postby shmopaloppa » Tue Jul 21, 2015 6:58 am

Hey soothsayer! I remember you from 2.1 pubs! I think you only killed me like twice as much as I killed you (Action Honcho ring a bell? I think you were an EU player mostly I don't recall)

As Stormy said, we are not exactly trying to recreate TS, though we are trying to capture certain aspects that we loved about it, we are trying to make a new game to reach a new audience. So hopefully if we do that well it will appeal to TS fans as well. Admittedly I still jump whenever I'm in someone's face too. I don't know what I expect it to do, but old habits die hard. That mechanic was actually first used in AHL, but you couldn't shoot while you were kicking, so it was sort of awkward.

It is potentially a candidate for inclusion in a future build, but we know that we want the weapon brawl dynamic, so we will need to basically get that exactly where we want it balance wise before we can introduce confounding factors like additional context sensitive moves someone can do while wielding and using a gun. It is essentially not a priority right now.

Brawl is too powerful, and in the next update (which shouldn't be far off) there will be some general balance tweaks which hopefully bring it more in line with everything else. It does seem kind of silly that the best way to use a gun is to get up close and smack someone with it. As for movement with heavy weapons, we would basically like to avoid movement restrictions. Again, as Stormy said, it is a potential solution, but not an ideal one for us currently. We have the heavy weapons in the game, the game should be fun, movement is fun, so heavy weapons should be able to use our fun movement is basically the philosophy and so we would like to explore other options first.
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Re: Many suggestions

Postby Black_Stormy » Tue Jul 21, 2015 9:10 am

I think limiting the range on brawl might make it more balanced overall. That and a slight damage nerf. I want to keep the divepunch devastating, but make it harder to land and therefore more satisfying. I think that translating the players momentums into the divepunch would make a difference too, ie the longer you're in the dive the more powerful the divepunchm and maybe only allow you to punch once during the dive?
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