5 problems i have encountered

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5 problems i have encountered

Postby vulduv » Fri Jul 14, 2017 5:18 am

1:the mac daddy is overpowered. its DPS is way to high for an smg. maby try reducing the fire rate or damage. bqs with the current one. i could litrualy run around.(not even stunting.) and still get lots of kills before dying. i litrualy just played with it and i killed like 7 ppl. won a race. and then killed like 4 more ppl before i died.

2:the maps are to dark. i constantly struggle to see ppl in the bathrooms on... eh, whats that trainstation map called agian? anyway that map! and in the work in progress building on, da_streets? i think, its da_streets. idk. the one with a road that loops around a building and theres an unfinnished building on the other side. that map! i think the lighting whould be alot better if it was more like da_rooftops. as theres not any realy dark places where you just cant see anything.(exept like, the elevator shaft, but thats... death...)

3:THE CLIPPING! is a bit... shit. its like csgo's clipping. but in csgo you dont jump around like an action hero. its not to bad. but it could deffinetly improve. the most anoying thing that happends in DA is to stunt away and hit a tiny sticky outie prop or brush and just come to a complete dead stop. i recomend you watch these two videos

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pyaz-mm ... u.be&t=230 at 3:50 only the smothing part

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l2rJHnc ... u.be&t=130 at 2:13

4:look to the right. look to the left. run to the left. get shoot in the back bqs a dude spawned where you just looked. its a bit stupid. and i know how you could probably fix that. just play some sort of spawning sound, and have so when you spawn. you get 1 second of god mode, but you cant attack for that second.

5:this is more of a nitpick. but if i get say. akimbo stalions and a smg. you whould think Q whould switch me between the smg and the akimbo stalions. but nope. sometimes it desides that it wants to pull out ONE stalion. wich is anoying. and its even more anying when i have akimbo stalions and one of that other pistol(i dont remember its name) as they look very similar.

so when it pulls out a stalion, and i think its the other more accurate pistol. i fire it. and then i take out akimbo stalions. one is empty. cus i just used it, thinking its the other type of pistol. so plz just make the quick switch ignore singular pistols if i have 2 of the same type.
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Re: 5 problems i have encountered

Postby Vino » Thu Jul 20, 2017 9:27 pm

All good points, thank you for offering them. I'll get the eyes of the other developers on this thread and make sure they see this feedback.
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Re: 5 problems i have encountered

Postby Black_Stormy » Wed Jul 26, 2017 11:59 pm

Yep all valuable stuff. Here's my feedbackback:

1. All the guns are overpowered and the mac daddy certainly is a bullet hose. I think the ROF could stand to drop slightly but weapon balancing is a delicate art so it's constantly evolving.

2. Some maps are very dark yes. I have recently updated da_streets and da_trainingday so they're not so dark. Not sure exactly when that will be pushed to release but it should be soon.

3. There are some legacy issues with clipping on some maps. I've been fixing the issues as I find them but there will always be some unwanted collisions in DA, simply because of the ferocity and pace of the action.

4. I like the god mode idea. Or even shadow mode - character is 50% opaque for 5 seconds after spawning, much like CS:GO deathmatch.

5. Pretty sure Q swaps you back to the last weapon you were using, so if you have your akimbobs out and swap to your noob tube then hit Q you should swap back to akimbobs. If you don't do this manual change then the Q function has no other weapon to hotswap to, so it will swap to the next weapon in your list. When you have duallies that is usually the singley version of the weap. I get around that by manually sorting my weapons for a few split seconds before playing. I think you only have to do it once at the start of a map. Spawngodmode would assist in that as well.

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