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Skill ideas

Postby SilberWulff » Sun Aug 03, 2014 5:26 pm

Since in the mini-objectives thread there's an idea going around for dual-wielding to be a skill activation, I'd figure it'd be handy to have a thread for (new) Skill ideas as a whole.

I've had two floating around my head as I was challenging myself earlier with Bouncer, one skill would follow the Throw Away Guns trope, and it'd look as follows:
  • Upon emptying the gun, this skill class would throw it rather than reload it, causing damage to whoever it hits. The bigger the gun the more damage.
  • The 'class' per se would rely on picking up weapons from the ground. Picking up an already empty weapon would mean the character could throw it at someone immediately.
  • SKILL ACTIVATION: 2x damage for thrown weapons? Or throw twice as far? Probably easier to say 2x the force on a throw.

The other skill's a bit harder to think of, as most of the extra effects that I thought of would make it too similar to Marksman, but the idea behind this other skill is that its activation would go into one of the oldest tropes, the Bottomless Magazine.
Simply put, for the duration of the skill, any gun the player would fire would need no reloads. Would probably run out a bit faster than Marksman's skill to prevent it being too good (or perhaps make it harder to activate?).
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Re: Skill ideas

Postby Dementei » Sun Aug 03, 2014 7:32 pm

Really like the idea of throwing guns as bouncer, may not be too complicated code-wise either, it's up to Vino :P
I'd actually like to have any kind of throwing weapon in the game, maybe one day, at least with the guns it wouldn't need a new model.

That's funny we actually had unlimited ammo for marksman in a much much earlier build, it was a bit OP to say the least, but fun.
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