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Re: 3D Kill cam

Postby Ott » Tue Aug 19, 2014 7:03 pm

JohnWoo wrote:This trick creates fake 3d effect by adding white stripes to the screen.

It looks super cool and never done in any game.


Maybe this trick could also bring added cool for the kill cams or something else.

Killcams, menu background image or...this next one is a killer...

When bullet/tracee goes near your head/camera while in slowmo you would get those white stripes and bullets/tracer would be drawn top of white lines to achieve fake 3d effect.

As we just learned that is doable. And adding white stripes is also doable.

You actually see/feel bullets/tracers flying towards you in 3D.

Could be preeetty awesome!

I think the whole illusion with those images is that the white strips blend in with the background.
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