Just some Ideas.

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Just some Ideas.

Postby BBOGA » Sat Sep 20, 2014 9:21 pm

I think that Free Running elements would be AWESOME, because things like Diving = AWESOME, Wall Diving off of thingy = AWESOME, Rolls = AWESOME Parkour elements A--
Wait a sec...
So, I was thinking of introducing things like Wall running, Take Jedi academy for example, there is brilliant wallrunning in that game and I honestly think it would be a great addition! It would blend in with the dives and the rolls and the Backflips and all other stuff people are doing
Custom maps could have things involving this, Like inorder to get from one platform to another, They had to Wallrun.

Custom server addons
I also think that having things like custom server addons including plugins from MMsourcemod and allied Modders would be a brilliant addition.
You could have addons like
Some admin mod
some admin mod enhancer
Custom Modes (e.g. Birthday Mode, Hell mode)
Prop Spawning (Put melons here)
Some AWESOME skins!!! (E.g. Neo and/or Morpheus, Hitman, Gman, Gordon Freeman and basically the models from TS (because there were freaking loads) for DA:B
I think this would attract alot of those people who enjoy to play games PURELY to make servers where people can do more, and also would attract people that would play on servers where there is more Model capabilities and admins.

If any of you would like to see this, Somehow get it more known, Or copy and paste it Idunno
But what I do know is...
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